What success looks like.

Take a look at how we have helped other companies, and you will see how payables financing can help you too.

Construction Company

“A tax lien killed our credit line. Where can I find financing to take on a new project?”

Client: A Texas-based construction company with $80 million in revenue.
Situation: The IRS filed a lien against the company and their bank reduced the company’s credit line. But the company had an order outstanding for $1 million in scaffolding to work on a new project. Without funding, they would have to cancel the scaffolding order and pass on the new project.
Solution: After entering into a subordination agreement with the IRS, Newbridge was able to fund the company’s scaffolding purchase under a payables program.
Result: The company now has resolved its tax issues with the IRS, has the materials to fulfill their work orders and continues to thrive.

Pharmaceutical Distributor

“We need to keep significant inventory on hand for clients, but we don’t have enough cash flow.”

Client: A New York-based pharmaceutical distribution company.
Situation: The company serves an important role in the healthcare supply chain, delivering medicines and other products to pharmacies, hospitals, nursing care facilities and other healthcare providers to keep their shelves stocked. The client needed to maintain a three-month supply of inventory on hand for each of its customers.
Solution: Newbridge provided $5 million in payables funding to support the growing business.
Result: The company was able to onboard three new customers, earning over $30 million of additional revenue. They are now able to provide customers with the medications and products that patients need.

Disposable Tableware Company

“Constant growth mode has left us cash-strapped, but we have orders in the pipeline. How can I buy the inventory I need to move forward?”

Client: An American environmentally-friendly disposable tableware company with $20M in revenue.
Situation: This company’s bank line was too small to support its constant growth.
Solution: Newbridge provided $1,000,000 in supplier credit, advancing funds for raw materials with a 60-day payment cycle to break the logjam.
Result: The company continues to grow, and revenue has increased.