What success looks like.

Take a look at how we have helped other companies, and you will see how payables financing can help you too.

Luxury Consumer Goods Distributor

“My purchase order funder reduced my credit line right before a critical sales period. Now what?”

Client: Florida-based distributor of luxury consumer products.
Situation: The company’s existing P.O. financing provider suddenly reduced its credit line and the company was unable to fulfill seasonal orders from big-box retailers.
Solution: Newbridge quickly provided a $10 million supply chain financing facility to purchase inventory from multiple U.S. and international suppliers. Under the facility, Newbridge will purchase 100% of the inventory cost including any fulfillment, freight or other logistics costs.
Result: The company was able to solve its immediate financing challenge and take on new orders. In addition, they now have flexible financing in place to meet their needs during peak and slow seasons.

Furniture Retailer

“Where can I find working capital to purchase excess inventory at a discount?”

Client: A New Jersey-based furniture retailer with both brick-and-mortar stores and an e-commerce platform.
Situation: The company’s Chinese supplier had excess inventory and offered a large discount in return for bulk purchase and quick payment, but the retailer didn’t have enough cash on hand to take advantage of the substantial savings.
Solution: Newbridge provided $1 million in payables funding.
Result: The company was able to purchase high-quality inventory at a 20% discount which resulted in increased profitability for the retailer and the ability to pass savings along to consumers.

E-Commerce Company

“My supplier is offering an early-payment discount, but I don’t have enough cash on hand.”

Client: Florida-based online drapery retailer.
Situation: The company had an opportunity to earn a significant discount for paying their supplier early, but they didn’t have enough cash on hand to take advantage of the early payment terms.
Solution: Newbridge provided $5 million in payables funding.
Result: The company is thriving with improved margins and a supply chain financing solution from Newbridge that benefits both trading partners.

Global Snack Foods Manufacturer

“How can I finance the purchase of raw materials internationally?”

Client: A Latin American snack food manufacturer.
Situation: A large U.S. food and packaged goods customer began pushing out its payments to bolster its cash position. It was becoming commonplace for bigger, creditworthy customers to demand more generous payment terms from suppliers, crippling some of the manufacturer’s competitors. The manufacturer concluded they could not afford to lose the business but could not wait several months to be paid.
Solution: Newbridge provided a $2 million factoring facility to purchase invoices, so the company did not have to carry the receivables on its books.
Result: The increased cash flow enabled the company to manage its businesses effectively through better cash flow management while remaining competitive by offering extended payment terms.

Seafood Importer

“I’ve outgrown my P.O. Lender limits. Where can I find capital to keep growing and import inventory?”

Client: A seafood importer based in Florida.
Situation: The company was awarded a large contract to sell shrimp to a Florida retailer. The importer needed to balance maintaining sufficient stock levels between deliveries against holding expensive, perishable inventory for long periods. Additionally, the company had outgrown the size of its current P.O. financing facility after winning the new contract.
Solution: Newbridge provided $5 million in payables funding to purchase seafood from international suppliers.
Result: The company now has the funding to purchase seafood from all around the world, while leveraging the surety of payments to suppliers to obtain better pricing and more reliable shipping schedules.