What success looks like.

Take a look at how we have helped other companies, and you will see how payables financing can help you too.

Food Exporter

“A great opportunity just came up, but I don’t have the additional cash flow to execute on it. Where can I find fast working capital?”

Client: A Texas exporter of meat and poultry.
Situation: This company needed fast capital to expand their reach to Mexico-based distributors and retailers before the opportunity was lost. But with current customers taking too long to pay, working capital was in short supply.
Solution: Newbridge developed a $6 million accounts receivable financing facility to help them access the value locked in their receivables.
Result: The additional cash flow gave the company greater buying power so they could expand and increase revenue.

Information Technology

“I’ve outgrown my existing lender. Where can I find working capital to grow?”

Client: An information technology company focused on cybersecurity for global and major money center banks.
Situation: Their existing lender wouldn’t provide additional capital.
Solution: Newbridge quickly provided a $2 million asset-based line of credit wrapped with credit insurance to fund the invoices from the end debtor. We entered into an intercreditor agreement with the bank.
Result: The company is using the line of credit to fund continued business growth.

Electronics Designer/Manufacturer

“The majority of my sales happen over the holidays. How I can find financing that fits my seasonality?”

Client: A New Jersey-based consumer electronics company specializing in accessories that complement popular mobile hardware devices as well as accessories for the computing, gaming, and camera categories. The company’s sourcing office in Asia and west coast warehouse enables them to support various sales channels, including QVC and HSN.
Situation: In an industry that relies heavily on seasonal sales, the company’s working capital was sluggish the rest of the year. But they needed immediate funding to purchase inventory, develop new products, and support their growth strategy.
Solution: Newbridge structured a creative solution including $56 million in accounts receivable and supply chain financing that leveraged the value locked in their supply chain to provide maximum cash availability.
Result: The company was able to resolve seasonal peaks and they’re now selling to QVC, HSN and major retailers and busier than ever.

Luxury Consumer Goods Distributor

“My purchase order funder reduced my credit line right before a critical sales period. Now what?”

Client: Florida-based distributor of luxury consumer products.
Situation: The company’s existing P.O. financing provider suddenly reduced its credit line and the company was unable to fulfill seasonal orders from big-box retailers.
Solution: Newbridge quickly provided a $10 million supply chain financing facility to purchase inventory from multiple U.S. and international suppliers. Under the facility, Newbridge will purchase 100% of the inventory cost including any fulfillment, freight or other logistics costs.
Result: The company was able to solve its immediate financing challenge and take on new orders. In addition, they now have flexible financing in place to meet their needs during peak and slow seasons.

Furniture Retailer

“Where can I find working capital to purchase excess inventory at a discount?”

Client: A New Jersey-based furniture retailer with both brick-and-mortar stores and an e-commerce platform.
Situation: The company’s Chinese supplier had excess inventory and offered a large discount in return for bulk purchase and quick payment, but the retailer didn’t have enough cash on hand to take advantage of the substantial savings.
Solution: Newbridge provided $1 million in payables funding.
Result: The company was able to purchase high-quality inventory at a 20% discount which resulted in increased profitability for the retailer and the ability to pass savings along to consumers.